Disorientation Week 2013

Disorientation 2013 presents…..


September 23-September 27
University of Toronto

Gender may be considered a social construction, but that doesn’t make the experience of it any less real. Our actions and interactions are structured on ideas of what it means to be male and female, masculine and feminine, and there are consequences when we don’t fit into prescribed gender boxes. Gender plays out in particular ways that structure the material conditions of our lives. Patriarchy and sexism often connect with experiences of racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism to affect our lived experience, our communities and our organizing spaces. We want to critically analyze societal, institutional and interpersonal forces that reproduce sexism, and we want to break down gender as a construct, but still recognize what it means to experience the world through the lens of a strictly enforced gender binary.

What are the experiences of women, trans people and gender non-conforming folks in organizing spaces? How can resisting sexism in our lives and in our activism build better long-term resistance movements? How do we tie confronting and resisting white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism to fighting patriarchal systems of exploitation?
Join a coalition of campus groups for over a week of discussion and debate on questioning the enforcement of gender roles and building towards more inclusive feminist movements!

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