Disorientation strives to meet the accessibility needs of students and community members. With a limited budget, we know sometimes meeting access needs for everyone at all events is difficult, and we are continually learning how to do better at this. We appreciate your feedback on accessibility concerns at past and upcoming events.

All Disorientation events are held in physically accessible spaces on the University of Toronto campus. We strive to maintain a scent-free space, though as most of the spaces are classrooms, they may have been in use directly prior to a Disorientation event. Some buildings at the University of Toronto have gender-neutral washrooms, though not all of them do.
Information about the accessibility of each event will be included with the event description on the website, and on this Facebook event, when it becomes available.

We are planning to have ASL-English interpretation available at the joint Disorientation keynote with OPIRG-York, the “Making Movements Accessible” workshop and there will be ASL-English Interpretation provided at the Comic Books for Justice workshop. We apologize that we do not currently have the capacity to provide ASL Interpretation at all our Disorientation Week events.

The organizers of Disorientation are aware that material in a workshop, the presence of an individual and/or discussion at an event can bring up intense feelings and can be triggering for different people in different ways. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to talk to the organizers about what is coming up for you in these spaces and about how we can strive to make them safer and more inclusive. Please take care of yourself and each other.

We can make childcare available at the keynote event, if people can contact us at the contact e-mail below, letting us know that you will require childcare. If you are interested in attending any other events in Disorientation and would require childcare to attend, please contact us at

All other accessibility inquiries and concerns should be directed to the e-mail above.

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